CAN'T MISS: The secret to NEVER feeling bored

Want to know the secret to never feeling bored?

It's quite simple.

You'll never feel bored as long as you're always working toward achieving a goal -- specifically, one that centers around something you love to do.

Let me give you a few examples:
  • If you love to read, aim to read a different book each month. (Even better, you can shoot for a different one each week!)
  • If you love working out, hit the gym at least a few times each week and try getting a 6-pack, building bigger biceps, or getting rid of your love handles
  • If you love to write, challenge yourself to write a certain number of stories each year
  • If you're a collector, there's always something else you can add to your collection
  • If you love music, make it a goal of yours to download as many of your favorite songs as possible
  • If you love watching movies, strive to watch, say, 10 or more movies a month
  • If you don't feel you're doing what you love at work, find another job within your company or elsewhere
  • And so on...
It bothers me when people complain of boredom. We all have things we're passionate about, so there's no reason to get stuck in such a rut. The fact is, we're living in an age where it's easier than ever to procure content -- think Google and YouTube -- that can aid us in achieving our goals. 

When you're busy trying to meet your goals, you have no time to be bored. You're learning, growing, and keeping yourself occupied. To prevail, it takes serious work and effort. And the best part about it is that once you achieve your goal, you can set the bar even higher and aim for an even more challenging one. 

So the next time you're feeling bored, try to come up with something you've been wanting to do but continue to put off. Commit to doing a little each day to work toward achieving whatever it is you set out to do. Once you are knee-deep in the process and begin to see results, it'll motivate you to work even harder. Don't give up -- you can achieve anything you set your heart and mind to! 

Remember, the trick is to choosing something you're passionate about. If not, you might lose motivation rather quickly.

Do you find yourself complaining of boredom every so often? What goal(s) do you think you can work toward achieving that will serve as a good boredom buster?

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