Be better than who YOU were yesterday

Don't preoccupy yourself trying to be more successful than your friends, neighbors, or coworkers.

Instead, focus on improving yourself.

Concentrate on being better than you were a day, a week, even a year ago -- whether that means getting in better shape, becoming more productive, having more money in the bank, or just becoming a better person all around.

Comparing ourselves to other people can only lead us down a path of jealousy, resentment, and frayed relationships. We must all concede that there will always be someone more popular, attractive or successful than us. But that doesn't mean we have to begrudge them their fortune.

And it doesn't mean we have to emulate them either.

Their lives are theirs alone. You have your own life in which to achieve the goals that you've chosen to pursue. Those goals won't always align with others', and that's okay.

Not all of us want to be rich doctors, parents to four children, or globetrotters. Some of us think the ideal life is a simpler one. Not everyone values big parties and expensive clothing.

The bottom line is this: Your personal growth should be independent of what your peers are doing. Focusing on ways to better yourself-- rather than ways to best people around you -- will lead to much better results. You'd be surprised at what you can achieve when you work hard and believe in yourself.

Let others live their lives as they please. You have your own life to worry about. Compete with and challenge yourself, not others.

Women don't fall for jerks. They fall for...

Women don't fall for jerks... They fall for confident men.

In my view, no attribute draws women more to men than self-confidence. Self-confidence is the ultimate attraction builder.

He doesn't have to be the best-looking, richest, smartest, or funniest man. Of course, all of those enhance his appeal, but they're not nearly as consequential.

A man who knows what he wants and goes for it full throttle, in most women's eyes, is an irresistible aphrodisiac. Women love men who will let nothing or no one get in the way of their dreams -- even the women themselves. They love it when men exhibit boundless ambition.

Unfortunately, too many men mistakenly assume that giving women flowers and compliments is all that's needed to build attraction. Women are highly perceptive -- they know when you're going overboard on the flattery just to get in their pants or win their approval.

But that's just the thing. A confident man doesn't need a woman's approval.

A confident man says, "I choose to live my life this way. I choose to pursue these goals. You can either strap in for the ride, or I'll go find another women who will."

Women don't want men who cater to their every whim, as this conveys weakness and the inability to stand up for himself. If a man doesn't believe in himself, why should she believe in him?

There is, of course, a fine line between confidence and cockiness. Once a woman perceives that he thinks he's better than she is, she'll immediately get turned off. Indeed, displaying an air of arrogance won't help a man's cause at all.

A man can be firm, courteous, and respectful without seeming like a pushover or a jerk. Learning how to balance the three can sometimes seem like a juggling act, but men can get better at it over time.

In closing, men should never feel as though they must radically change their personalities in order to reel women in. If you feel pressured to do that, that women is probably not the right one for you. The key is to project to women that you love yourself and your life.

That you don't need her to be happy, but you feel like she'd enhance your life even more. That whether she chooses to hook up with you or not, you'll continue to enjoy your life and strive for success. THAT bespeaks self-confidence.

Ladies, do you agree?

Know what this word means?

The word of the day is sanguine. According to the dictionary, to be sanguine is to be optimistic, confident, or positive, especially in a bad or difficult situation. Other similar words include buoyant, enthusiastic, upbeat, and cheerful.

I don't see sanguine being used that often. I first came across the word in a book I read recently. For whatever reason, it initially sounded to me like a word that could mean "sad" or "melancholy."

Thus, to be sanguine is to look on the bright side -- to see the glass as half full rather than half empty. Antonyms of the word sanguine include gloomy, negative, and pessimistic.

When we're in a tough spot, it certainly pays to remain sanguine. Positive thinking leads to positive outcomes. The more disposed we are toward shunning those negative thoughts that trickle into our mind, the better our chance at success. If you assume you're going to fail, you probably will.

As Theodore Roosevelt once said, "Believe you can and you're halfway there." Sounds like Teddy was pretty sanguine to me.

Did you know of the word sanguine before reading this post?

Do we have only ONE soulmate? Click to find out...

It's a question that gets thrown my way quite frequently.

While others may maintain that only one soulmate exists for every individual on this planet, I contend that there's more than one person in the world with whom we can have a fruitful relationship/marriage.

Otherwise, no one would ever remarry in the event that their first marriage goes awry.

To assert that the person you're with is the only person you can achieve a deep physical, mental, and spiritual connection with -- and that no one else could fill those shoes -- is, in my view, very naive.

What if you'd been born at a different time or in a different place?  What if you had met someone a year before you came across your partner? What if you had opted not to go to that college, party, coffee shop, or other venue where you and your significant other first locked eyes?

Exactly. You could very well be with someone else right now. Context and happenstance matter.

I'm not saying that we can hook up with just about anyone. There are probably a good 20 to 30 people in the world -- mind you, that's only a guesstimate-- who we'd have a lot of chemistry with. After all, it isn't easy to find people who possess everything (or nearly so) we seek in a partner -- from physical characteristics to personality traits -- and vice-versa.

You can only find so many men and women who share your interests and views AND strike your fancy physically. And let's not forget -- they have to feel the same way about you. Even when all those conditions are met, it's no guarantee that a relationship will crystallize, let alone endure for the long haul.

If you're putting loads of pressure on yourself to find that "one and only" soulmate, take comfort in the fact that there are more promising fish in the sea than we may realize. Don't give up!  True love awaits, and it's bound to come knocking on your door when least expected.

This Day in History - April 24

On April 24, 1800, President John Adams approved the appropriation of $5,000 for the purchase of "such books as may be necessary for the use of congress."

The books, purchased for what we know today as the Library of Congress, were ordered from London and arrived in 1801. The collection of 740 volumes and three maps was stored in the U.S. Capitol, which served as the Library's first home. On January 26, 1802, President Thomas Jefferson approved the first legislation that specified the role and functions of the library. In an interesting coincidence, Jefferson later sold the bulk of his book collection to Congress for $23,950 after the British set the Capitol ablaze in 1814.

The Library of Congress is the nation's oldest federal cultural institution and serves as the research arm of Congress. It aims to make its resources available and useful to the Congress and the public, as well as to sustain and preserve a universal collection of knowledge for future generations. As of 2017, the vast holdings of the Library --which include everything from books and photographs to pieces of music registered for copyright -- number more than 164 million items.

I was fortunate enough to visit the Library on my trip to Washington, D.C. with my wife in 2014. The architecture is spellbinding -- you feel as though you've stepped into a resplendent palace. I would be willing to bet my bottom dollar that it's the most beautiful library in the whole world, and I certainly hope to return someday in the near future.

Have you ever visited the Library of Congress?