Happy 4th of July from How to Understand People

To all you readers here in the United States -- here's to a Happy Independence Day!

Today we come together and commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence. On July 4, 1776, the thirteen colonies declared themselves an independent nation, severing ties with an overbearing British Empire.

Even if you're not a history buff like me, there are certain things we learned in history class that remain embedded in our minds, including:

  • The heroism of George Washington, who led the Continental Army to victory against long odds. After all, he was up against the mightiest military force in the world.
  • The Declaration of Independence, which was written by Thomas Jefferson and included a series of grievances against King George III. And who could forget John Hancock's oversized signature?
  • Founding Fathers like Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, Sam Adams, and Hancock, all of whom contributed to the Revolutionary cause in a big way

It's easy to take the efforts of these men for granted, but things could have played out differently. What if Washington hadn't persevered? What if the French hadn't intervened to help the U.S defeat the British? What if the colonies had remained under the control of the mother country?

These are questions that pop into my head from time to time. Regardless, I'm thankful that things turned out the way they did, as we all should be.

Whether you plan to watch fireworks, host a barbecue with friends and family, or lounge at the beach, I hope you have a fantastic 4th of July!

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