Here's how men and women view sex differently...

Men get a bad rap for only wanting sex, but here's what many women don't know:

Yes, there are horny men out there who only want women for that purpose, but the good men -- the ones who genuinely want a serious relationship -- regard sex quite differently.

In fact, they see sex as an important means through which they can communicate how they feel.

While a woman can also view sex as a way of getting closer to the man she loves, she's less likely to insist on doing it for that reason. In fact, women can feel connected to their husbands or boyfriends through simple actions that don't involve taking off clothes, like cuddling near the fireplace.

Now, that's not to say that men don't like hugging and cuddling. But in a man's mind, he can't fully express how he feels about a woman until he is able to have intercourse with her. Once a woman finally lets down her guard and becomes physically intimate with him, that communicates to him that she truly cares about him.

Women fall in love to have sex, and men have sex to fall in love.

There are always exceptions to the rule, though. Some men can fall in love with their partners even before sex comes into the picture. And I'm certain there are women who didn't fall for their boyfriends until they became intimate with them.

Sex leads men and women in serious relationships -- or those in search of them -- to feel more physically and emotionally connected with each other. Ultimately, though, men will tend to appreciate the physical aspects of sex more than their female counterparts.

But that men only care about a woman's breasts and buttocks isn't entirely fair. The ones who only care about sex are the men need to steer clear of!

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