Tip: Beware of people ENVIOUS of you

Sooner or later, we're bound to come across someone who will envy something we have. It could be our success at work, youth, social relationships, shiny car, lovely house, or blissful marriage.

What's the best way to deal with these people? Well, it's obviously not appropriate to boast of your advantages. The best approach is to pay them no attention. Try to change the subject to something of a less personal nature, like the weather, celebrity gossip, or sports. If you don't meddle in people's affairs, why should they butt into your business?

The worst thing you can ever do in this situation is show off. Don't throw the fact that you have more of something -- or something of greater value -- in people's faces. Such behavior will inevitably bring out the worst in people. From what I've seen, they're capable of everything from spreading vicious rumors to, you guessed it, stealing from you.

Moreover, many of us have worked very hard for everything we have. You should never be made to feel as though you should apologize for having better clothes than your coworker or being in a more stable relationship than your neighbor. It's bragging about it that can land you in hot water.

Don't be cocky. Resist the urge to be a blowhard. There's a lot to be said for humility.

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