Here's why we need to let go of the past

Whatever you do, don't harp on the past.

Reminiscing is good, but only up to a point. If you find yourself stuck in the past rather than focusing on present and future goals, you're only inhibiting your growth. 

Sure, we all have moments where we reflect on happier times in our life and say, "I almost miss those days." But we are prone to such thinking when faced with challenges in the present that drag us down.

But why not tweak your thinking and reason that once you surmount those challenges, you'll be even happier -- and feel more accomplished -- than you did in the past?

Then there are those of us who ruminate on bad experiences in the past -- a close friend inexplicably stabbing us in the back, a significant other we envisioned ourselves being with our whole lives suddenly proclaiming their need for space and effectively ending the relationship, an outstanding job opportunity that slipped through our fingers.

But brooding over the past isn't healthy. In fact, it's counterproductive. It deters you from progressing in life.

As I alluded to above, even I have a tendency to reflect deeply on the past when things aren't going so swimmingly in the present. It's my way of mentally attempting to escape the present, trying to reintegrate myself into a time that now exists only in memory.

Whenever I catch myself doing this, I immediately give myself a reality check: The past is the past. Whether good or bad, those times are long gone. They represent a chapter in my life that's well behind me. 

There's no use harking back to those days. Instead, we should focus our thoughts and energies on what lies ahead. Whether you aim to start a family, angle for a promotion, or buy a house, such important decisions require ample planning. And you can't plan for the future if you're thinking about the days of yesteryear.

Again, a little nostalgia isn't a bad thing, but too much of it can obstruct you from charging ahead. Only by adopting a forward-looking mindset can you position yourself to achieve great things on the road of life. 

Free yourself of the past. Embrace the future. Great things are in the offing!

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