Make more moves and fewer announcements

So said a graphic that I happened upon today on Facebook.

It caught my attention because I already do just that: Rather than boasting of my plans and accomplishments to others -- whether on Facebook or elsewhere -- I let my work do the talking for me.

For starters, I've never been one to disclose every morsel of information about my life, much less brag about my achievements.

Sometimes people get so caught up telling others about what they've accomplished -- say, losing 10 pounds while dieting -- that they forget they're far from done.

Once they get the praise and validation they're after, they become complacent and are unable to regain their momentum.

It's not to say that everyone who does this is a show-off. As human beings, we seek positive reinforcement in virtually everything we do. But, like everything else, it can be taken a step too far.

People don't have to know everything about us. We can have a goal in mind without having to tell the world about it. We can update them on our progress sporadically rather than every day.

As I've noted in prior blog entries, Facebook has evolved into something of a breeding ground for narcissism. Some people can't help but angle for as many "likes" as they can, and the only way to do so is by submitting post after post on everything from their fitness regimen to what restaurant they plan to hit up next.

Rather than divulging all that information, people ought to stay focused on their goals. Dont wait for a "like" or compliment to move to the next step. You'll have plenty of time to gush about your success once you reach that juncture.

There's a lot to be said for humility. No one likes a blowhard, and far too many people depend on others' compliments to feel better about themselves.

You can take immense pride in your accomplishments without having to tell people every step of the way. Even if no one is looking, you needn't forget that all your hard work and sacrifice is for you at the end of the day, not for anyone else.

Just keep doing what you're doing -- working hard and striving for greatness -- and people will take notice sooner or later.

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