Why people are leaving Facebook

I know a couple of people who have cancelled their Facebook accounts within the past three months. 

Could this be the start of a mass exodus? Could people really be leaving Facebook in droves?

I sincerely doubt it, as Facebook has close to 2 billion users worldwide. Still, one has to wonder whether many people are beginning to grow tired of the routine.

Over the years, Facebook has become a breeding ground for narcissists and attention hounds. I have a couple of Facebook friends who check in at and post pictures (in real time) of nearly every venue they visit while on vacation. This includes everything from restaurants to before-I-go-to bed selfies at the hotel.

It's really gotten out of control. Can't people leave anything to the imagination anymore? Can't they put the phone down and just enjoy their vacations? Why not leave the posting of pictures for later, once they're back in town?

I'm not saying Facebook is all bad. It's a great medium on which to check up on the day's news. Also, it can serve as convenient boredom buster, distracting one from the tedium of work with comical memes, amusing animal videos, and so forth.

Much to my chagrin, though, the social networking site has become one big popularity contest. Some users seem intent on posting as many pictures as they can so they can see just how many likes they can rack up. It makes these people look so desperate for social validation that it's appalling.

My one recommendation to all my Facebook friends is: Live life on your terms. Don't depend on likes and comments on a website to make you feel better about yourself. Ignore the show-offs; don't let them put you down because they bought a new car, arrived in Hawaii for their vacation, or are having a great meal at a fancy restaurant.

I always reason that people who feel a need to show off like this are probably trying to overcompensate for something lacking in their lives -- like self-esteem or acceptance, maybe? It's a shame they don't realize that happiness comes from within -- no like, smile, or glowing comment can change that. If you're not happy with yourself, you won't be happy with others. Only when you love yourself can others enhance your life.

As more and more people realize how shallow Facebook has become, the site will continue to see users depart. While it may not have a significant impact on the bottom line, it proves that not all Facebook users are as enamored of the site as people would have you believe.

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