Why trends are OVERRATED



People wanting to do what everyone else is doing because it's the "it" thing.

Whether it's dressing a certain way, decorating one's home in a popular style, or buying a particular product everyone and his brother seems to own, trends can spread like wildfire quickly.

But I see trends as overrated. I equate them with the so-called herd mentality, where people are driven to shadow their peers in their choices -- just so they can fit in.

I'm not like most people, which is why I don't subscribe to the herd mentality.

I'm big on uniqueness and doing whatever you -- not the rest of society -- think is cool, however socially unacceptable it may be.

Most people probably don't place me on their "coolest people I know" list. Why? Because I'm not materialistic, I don't drink, and I'm a huge psychology and history geek. Probably not most people's idea of fun.

Regardless, I take pride in bucking trends rather than following them. Far too many people in this world are made to believe that if they don't adhere to what society says is cool and trendy, they should be ashamed of themselves.

It's quite the opposite, really. They should embrace the fact that their actions and attitudes aren't in lockstep with everyone else's.

If that makes some uncomfortable -- which is bound to happen -- then that's too bad.

Societal trends and fads shouldn't dictate what we say, wear, and believe in. Those decisions should be up to us, as they are personal and differ from one person to the next.

Next time you're made to feel weird because you're different in some way from the crowd, smile. While they're all trying to be the same, you remain true to yourself -- your interests, your beliefs, your core values -- and THAT makes you the cool one.

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