Overthinking leads to THIS

Is thinking too much a bad thing?

Not when it concerns studying for a big exam, working on an intellectually grueling project at work, or playing brain games like Scrabble and Jeopardy.

But it can serve as a hindrance when it comes to making decisions. 

Carefully thinking through your choices is one thing. Spending so much time mulling things over as to not make any kind of decision is another. Overthinking breeds inaction.

You can't put off decisions that involve your personal and professional forever. 

Any action is better than inaction. And choosing not to act isn't a decision. 

I'll be the first to admit that making a life-altering decision is anything but simple. 

Switching jobs, getting married to someone we've only known for weeks, moving to another city -- these are all leaps of faith, and we really don't know whether such decisions will pan out. 

Because of the risk involved, it's no surprise people balk. They think, think, and think more. 

This vicious cycle of overthinking and second-guessing only paralyzes us. We're to scared too act, yet we don't want to blow the opportunity either.

Sometimes in life, it's better to just go for it -- assuming you've weighed your options for some time and know deep down that the rewards are worth the risk.

If you let a great opportunity slip down the cracks, you may just spend the rest of your life regretting it. 

So what's a happy medium? Thinking, yes, but not overdoing it.

It's better to live with the consequences of what turns out to be a bad decision (in hindsight) than refrain from making one and not knowing what could have happened.

At least we can learn from our decisions so we can make better ones in the future. But by not making any decision whatsoever, even the best possible outcome -- succeeding at the new job, loving the new city you move to, enjoying a blissful marriage -- is put out of reach.

Getting on the ship before it's sailed may or may not work out in our favor, but knowing we at least gave it a shot leaves us with fewer regrets than if we'd opted not to decide one way or the other. 


Barbara Purdy said...

I agree, o have to back off when confusion blocks me. I do remember my cousin say, write down Pros and Cons then let list help

Barbara Purdy said...
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Kiss my ass said...
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