Would you like your partner doing THIS?

The other day, I stumbled upon an article or post on Facebook about someone disgruntled over something her new boyfriend was doing.

He wasn't cheating. He wasn't staying out late. He wasn't spending wastefully.

He was simply calling her several times a day.

Now, people have different thresholds for what they consider excessive calling.

If you've just begun dating the person, calling more than twice a day may give off the impression that you're a tad clingy.

But that all depends on the person.

Some people get so "into" their partner that they might welcome a flurry of calls each day.

That's why you have to gauge early on whether the other person would be receptive to more calls or turned off by them.

As I indicated in my post yesterday, I know full well from experience that relationships in which one person is very clingy and the other typically standoffish don't work out too well in the long run. There has to be more if a balance.

If only one person does the calling, it can leave the other feeling as if he or she is the only one putting in the effort.

These days, a quick text message in lieu of a phone call works just as well.

Once my relationship with my wife became more serious, she'd call me every evening before going to sleep to say goodnight. On those occasions in which she went out late, she'd also give me a ring to let me know she got home okay, which provided peace of mind.

Indeed, as a relationship matures, calling more frequently becomes more acceptable, if not expected. But doing so in the early stages can be more dicey. If your partner tends to be more aloof and emotionally distant, it may not sit very well.

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