Don't believe everything people tell you

Don't believe everything you hear -- at work, home, or the dry cleaners -- no matter how plausible it may sound.

Want to know why?

Because rumors and lies spread faster than true facts.

You know what they say: A story begins one way and changes considerably with every additional person who tells it.

Some people lie outright -- others just embellish details to make the story a tad juicier.

We should take everything people tell us with a grain of salt -- and be careful not to disclose private details of our own lives -- unless we're completely sure we can trust them.

Unfortunately, people will lie for myriad reasons, whether it's to get ahead at work, feel better about themselves, or put others down.

Sometimes it isn't easy to tell when someone is lying, but once I catch them in a lie, I immediately presume them to be compulsive liars who will strike again at a moment's notice. It then becomes very difficult -- if not impossible -- for me to trust them.

I'm especially wary of information that comes across as little more than gossip. If it's something about someone else that they haven't told you themselves, it should raise a red flag.  The best policy is to always get the information straight from the source.

Don't ever feel forced to believe everything someone tells you, whether they're a close friend or relative. Make them work to earn your trust. And if you find that they're chronic liars, no one says you need to maintain a close relationship with that person.

It's better to have a small circle of close, trustworthy confidants than a wide circle of people whose intentions are usually suspect.

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