What this cop did is DISGUSTING!

Matthew Luckhurst, an officer in the San Antonio Police Department, has been fired for giving a homeless person a fecal sandwich. Yuck!

The five-year veteran of the force allegedly bragged to a fellow officer that he had picked up some feces, placed it in a slice of bread and put it in a Styrofoam container next to the homeless man. Police have searched for the homeless individual, but their efforts have been unsuccessful thus far.

Internal affairs was informed of the incident in July after another officer reported Luckhurst's actions to his supervisor. It was later recommended that Luckhurst be placed on indefinite suspension.

This was nothing short of a vile and disgusting act on Luckhurst's part. I have never heard of anyone -- let alone a cop responsible for upholding the law and respecting each and every citizen of the community -- do something so disgraceful. I couldn't be happier that the guy was fired.

I sincerely hope they can track the homeless man down, give him a hot meal, and help him find shelter. I also hope the man got a whiff of the fecal matter and disposed of it before even coming close to ingesting the waste.

Homeless people have enough problems to contend with: hunger; disease; having to wander dank, dangerous streets; coldness and/or wetness resulting from a lack of clothes; and so on. Giving them a fecal sandwich won't help their cause; if anything, it could make them very sick -- possibly necessitating a hospital visit.

This cop should be ashamed of himself. Not even unruly children would stoop so low. Karma will surely kick him in the rear end for what he did. I'd be shocked if he didn't lose his badge for good. Any police department in the country would be crazy to hire Luckhurst in light of his outrageous, unseemly behavior.

What's your take? Do you agree this cop's actions are inconceivable?

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