What are you most looking forward to in November?

We're a couple of days into November. Before we know it, Christmas and the end of the year will be upon us.

What are you most looking forward to this month?

Some people say it's Thanksgiving. The most budget-minded among us await Black Friday with great anticipation. Still others are preparing giddily for colder weather.

I'll be frank: While Thanksgiving is surely one of the things I am looking forward to the most, it doesn't sit in the top spot in my book.

That distinction belongs to Election Day!

I can hardly contain my excitement as I write this but, indeed, it all ends -- finally -- in three days.

While there's no doubt we'll continue to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in the news well after Tuesday -- no matter who becomes president -- it's a relief to know that one of the nastiest elections in American history is drawing to a close at last.

I think most of us have grown very tired of the mudslinging and want a winner to be declared so that we can move on and tackle the most pressing issues facing the country, from the economy and national security to healthcare, immigration, and education.

If there's one thing this election has shown us, is that politics, the media, and -- thanks largely to Trump -- entertainment are all now inextricably linked.

Whether or not you agree that the media is corrupt and biased, there's no denying it now plays a pivotal role in shaping the outcome of elections, bringing into sharp focus each candidate's every misstep.

Here's to a great November for everyone -- and a farewell to presidential elections for a merry four years!

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