What's up with this creepy clown craze?

It seems we hear a different story involving a creepy clown sighting almost every day now.

They've been seen ambling the streets, lurking in apartment complexes, and skulking in parks. I remember reading about one in Winsconsin who walked around holding black balloons.

The crown frenzy has seemingly hit a fever pitch in recent months, with people pushing the panic button and calling the cops as soon as they spot someone in a clown mask.

While I think this is simply a trend that will eventually fizzle out, there's no question some people have nothing better to do than try to strike fear in the hearts of unsuspecting individuals.

Many of us were scared of clowns to begin with. This surge of clown sightings only heightens people's anxiety, especially in light of the various police shootings and terrorist acts that have dominated the headlines of late.

And don't look now, but Halloween is right around the corner. This means we should expect to see more clowns popping up in the coming weeks.

It's no wonder we don't see Ronald McDonald in the fast food giant's commercials anymore. Come to think of it, I can't remember the last time I saw a clown in any kind of advertising appeal.

These people are giving clowns a bad rap. The problem is that you can't arrest someone merely for dressing up as clowns. Thankfully, we have yet to see any incidents involving violence, but there's no question people are on high alert.

Are you scared of clowns? Have you learned of any clown sightings in your area?

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