Trick to boosting your confidence

Many people may not realize that what we wear plays an integral role in how confident we feel.

Haven't you worn a shirt or pair of jeans that fits your body just right and makes you look and feel good?  Perhaps other factors add to its appeal, like an eye-catching design.

I surely feel my confidence bolstered when I put on a nice suit, as do many of my male friends. Even though I'm not a top executive, it certainly makes me feel like it. When I meet with top-level managers during job interviews, being in a suit makes me feel as if I'm at their level.

Studies have shown that people who are told to wear uniforms of people in a position of authority (e.g. cop) gradually begin to take on the qualities of such individuals. For example, they might become more bossy, impatient, and distrustful.

We needn't cross the line, though. I can't stand it when people let their getup go to their heads, making them cocky and obnoxious. No one wants to hear you boast for hours on end about your shoes.

Further boosting our confidence is when people pay us compliments. One thing is for you to think you look good in those clothes. Another is to get additional assurance from our partner, friends, or coworkers, which makes us feel great.

Yesterday, two of my coworkers told me they liked my short, which I bought last week. Such positive reinforcement might lead me to continue buying more of the same shirt, just in a different style/color.

The other day, I told someone in the office that I liked her blouse, and the smile on her face thereafter spoke volumes.

When something doesn't fit right, is wrinkled, or has holes/stains, it makes us self-conscious and embarrassed. Such feelings wreak havoc on our confidence.

The right clothes is as important -- if not more so -- as making sure your hair is combed and teeth are clean. It plays a huge role in the impression people have of you, as it does the impression you have of yourself. "Dress to impress" isn't some tired cliche.

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