THIS can help you be more productive

If I were to tell you to think of things that increase productivity, what would you say? Chances are you'd mention working harder and building better time management skills.

While these efforts can certainly boost productivity, I've found -- as have many others -- that music works wonders in helping me get more done in less time.

You're probably wondering how music factors into increased productivity, but it's pretty simple.

Whether I'm trying to get more reading done, put in a longer workout at the gym, or make a long drive more bearable, music motivates me to keep going and going.

At some point, we've all gotten so into a song that we become impervious to our surroundings. Research shows that music makes us happier and keeps us engaged. It can make the difference between being in a good mood for hours on end and having a lousy, forgettable day.

When reading a book, even one I find mildly interesting, there comes a point where I get tired and distracted, whether by the smell of my wife's cooking or the hammering of maintenance workers outside.

However, something unusual happens as soon as I put on my headphones and blast an adrenaline-pumping song. It's as though I tap into hidden energy reserves that allow me to prolong my reading session -- sometimes by another hour or two.

Music is even more essential when it comes to my gym workouts. I've noticed that on days I forget my iPod, I can barely get an hour in. Music pumps me up, and without it, a workout can feel more like a chore.

I suppose it's like eating delicious popcorn while sitting through a bad movie. The enjoyment you derive from the popcorn can keep you from walking out ten minutes into the flick.

While I enjoy reading and exercising, music plays a key role in motivating me to keep going when I'm tempted to stop. This benefits me immensely when I have certain goals in mind, like reading a book each month or losing a certain number of pounds each week.

If you've never used music to boost your productivity, give it a try and see how it works for you. If you love music, there's a good chance it'll provide the impetus to get a lot more done than you thought possible.

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