Is your personality like Trump's or Hillary's?

If you were asked whether your personality was more like that of Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, who would you pick?

Chances are, if you're stubborn, assertive, unpredictable, love the spotlight, and have a tendency to say things without thinking them through first, you'll likely say Trump.

If you're more reserved, predictable, averse to the spotlight, bookish, and given to researching things before making an argument, you'll probably select Hillary.

I'm not saying one style is necessarily better than the other. We all have different temperaments, and if we're happy with them, why try to change?

I find my personality most closely mirrors Hillary Clinton's. Some would say I have a very scholarly way of looking at the world. I tend to be very thorough, organized, and detail-oriented. I always do my research before a job interview or meeting, making sure to learn (and sometimes memorize) as much information as I can. I usually stick to the facts and have my set routines.

I have a few friends who are freewheeling, outspoken, and gregarious like Trump. They say whatever pops to mind, and they don't apologize for anything that may ruffle others' feathers.

Some say Trump is like a pushy, overbearing salesman with narcissistic tendencies. Hillary Clinton, for her part, is often viewed as a robot who always seems rehearsed when she's giving a speech or debating an opponent.

Though both are Ivy leaguers -- he attended the University of Pennsylvania and she has a law degree from Yale -- people think of him as street smart and her as your prototypical bookworm.

Unflattering words used to describe Trump include loud, obnoxious, vulgar, unfiltered, and insensitive. Words linked to Hillary Clinton include dry, cranky, memorized, and dishonest.

It's no surprise that Trump's and Clinton's supporters hold the most favorable views of their respective candidate. The general consensus, though, seems to be that while Hillary is less trustworthy and honest than Trump, she is more measured, experienced, and presidential.

Is the candidate whose personality most closely resembles yours the one you plan to vote for? Why or why not?

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