Happiness is a decision. Here's why...

Happiness is a decision. 

It's a choice. It's a state of mind.

You are as happy as you choose to be. The happiness ball is in your court, always.

Life isn't about what happens to you, but what you do in response to what happens to you. You can either choose to sulk and let negative thoughts and feelings get the best of you, or you can look on the bright side and say, "Hey, things could be worse. Compared to what others are going through, this isn't that big of a deal." That kind of mindset can go a long way toward improving your mood and helping you appreciate what you have.

Many people feel most unhappy when they compare themselves to others. But why in the world would someone do this to themselves?

Other people are not you. Chances are, they don't share the same upbringing, like all the same things, or aspire to the same career goals as you.

Stop putting so much pressure on yourself to be more like other people. To do things as they do them. Just because you don't possess as much money or have as big of a family, for instance, doesn't make you inferior.

Let them be. Worry about yourself and focus on what makes you happy.

Whenever you feel unhappy because your life seems to lack something that someone else has, remember this:

1. Those very people you envy probably lack and yearn for something that you have.

2. We can't take any people or possessions with us when we die.

3. Although they may give the impression -- on Facebook through their posts and pictures or in person -- that their life is perfect, no one's is. Unbeknownst to you, they're probably facing tough challenges that would make you glad to know you aren't in their shoes.

While the urge to compare yourself to others can be difficult at times -- especially when they seem so happy while you're down in the dumps -- life has a funny way of turning the tables for people very quickly.

We must remember to never lose faith, stay strong, and always charge ahead. Storms come and go. They're always followed by beautiful weather and the promise for a better day.

We wield more control over our happiness than we realize. Far too often, unfortunately, we relinquish that control to other people, which in turn inhibits our happiness.

That ends today. Never let other people make you feel as though you don't deserve to be happy. You deserve it and then some!  Remember, happiness is decision -- yours and yours only.

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