No, not all women do THIS

I scolded a male friend of mine recently for making a stereotypical remark about women: That they all take forever to get ready, whether for work or any social occasion. 

To support his argument, he added that all his girlfriends have made a habit of telling him they won't take that long but wind up taking an hour, if not more.

I responded that it says more about the women he's dating than about the female population as a whole.

Not all women are this high maintenance. Take my wife, for example. Even if she's dressing up for a wedding, party, or other social event, she's usually done getting ready in under an hour.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong with women who like to take their time. But to say all women are this way just isn't accurate.

It's like saying that all men get ready in a flash. I know some guys who spend a good amount of time applying spray/gel to and combing their hair until they're satisfied.

They can also be finicky about their clothes. I have days where I can't seem to pick a shirt that's to my liking, and sometimes I might spend a few minutes ironing my selections.

In other words, like those who walk quickly or read slowly, people -- both men and women -- do things at their own pace.

The occasion itself plays a big part. Obviously, we can expect to spend more time getting ready for a wedding than for a workout at the gym.

There's no question that my friend is either exaggerating or has a penchant for dating high-maintenance women. If he is growing tired of this routine, he ought to reevaluate the kinds of women he wishes to date.

Do you agree that not all women take long to get ready?

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