Here's a GREAT quote to start your week

Here's an outstanding quote from Eleanor Roosevelt to get your week off on the right foot:

"With the new day comes strength and new thoughts." - Eleanor Roosevelt 

As I noted in an earlier post, each new day is like pressing the reset button. It presents an opportunity to rid yourself of the negativity of yesterday and fill your mind with positive thoughts as you look ahead to the future.

You survived another day. Whatever it is you're going through didn't kill you. That can only mean one thing: you've emerged stronger.

The will to persevere is more powerful than many of us realize. Just when we think we've reached the end of our rope, we find the strength to tie a knot and hang on.

But this can only be possible through the power of positive thinking.

You have to believe wholeheartedly that things can and will get better, and you have to do your part to facilitate that -- from reaching out to friends and family for support to smiling and finding a purpose for living that goes beyond yourself. Maybe it's your kids, your pets, your charities.

I've found that nothing makes me feel better than helping someone else -- whether it's giving money to someone in need, assisting my nephew with his homework, or being a shoulder to lean on for a friend desperately seeking advice.

Still, we can't really help others when we're not in the right place mentally to do so.

Believe in yourself. Don't lose hope. Things will get a whole lot better so long as you believe they will. Positive thoughts attract positive outcomes. Forget the past. Focus on the future and the good things that await you.

What are your thoughts on this quote?

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