Do more of what makes YOU happy

Recently, my wife and I bought a decorative frame we hung up on my kitchen wall. It reads as follows: "Do more of what makes you happy."

I couldn't agree more. That's why I amble to the kitchen to read the quote anytime I feel bored or sad.

As long as what you love doing isn't hurting anyone or breaking the law, you should indulge in whatever hobbies or activities tickle your fancy.

Mine are simple: I love writing, reading, and learning. A day doesn't go by where I don't seek knowledge on history and psychology, the two subjects about which I'm most passionate.

If you find those areas of interest dull, you're not alone. Many people tell me that history puts them to sleep.

But that's the beauty of life -- we all have different passions, and we should spend our finite time on this earth exploring and enjoying them as much as possible. I might not have the slightest interest in your hobbies, but I fully appreciate a person throwing themselves wholeheartedly into something they love. For example, while I might not care about learning how to sing, I still enjoy hearing and watching aspiring singers practice their craft.

Studies show that hobbies not only cure our boredom, but they alleviate and prevent such negative health outcomes as depression and low self-esteem. Thus, we should never let work and other responsibilities prevent us from doing things that can be physically, mentally, and emotionally enriching for us.

Whether happiness to you means climbing mountains, collecting coins, or watching Law and Order marathons, never let anyone talk you out of doing what makes you smile.

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