Could you live without internet for a week?

Most people find it a tall order to be without internet for a day, let alone an entire week.

We have a hard time conceiving that, at one point, people actually functioned in this world without the aid of smart phones, tablets, and laptops.

Just picture yourself having to get through a full week sans internet.

  • You'd have to dust off the old phone book to look up restaurants and other establishments in the area. 
  • With no Netflix, you'd have no choice but to watch movies and shows via DVD or cassette. 
  • With no YouTube, you can only hope that whatever music video or show clip you'd like to watch pops up somewhere while you're surfing the TV channels. 
  • You wouldn't be able to download music to your phone or iPod, forcing you to tune in to the radio.
  • If you pay your bills online, you'd have to resort to traditional payment methods like check, money order, or paying by phone. 
  • Need to research anything for school, work, or leisure? Your best bet would be the library. 
  • Being unable to use social media means that if you want to communicate with a friend, you could pay them a visit, call them on the phone, or write them a letter. (In reality, you could still text him or her, as you don't need internet access to send text messages.)
  • You'd have to wait a few days before you can check e-mails, making it essential to plan accordingly.
We've become so hooked on the internet that not having it at our disposal could feel like not having our watch, wallet, or wedding ring on us. It feels like something's missing. We feel more naked. even.

While there's no question that the internet has been a huge boon in myriad ways, it really goes to show how reliant we've become on it to do almost everything. Not to mention that the internet is arguably the biggest boredom buster ever dreamed up. 

Personally, I could survive without internet for seven days, but I won't lie: it would take some adjusting to. 

What about you? Could you live without internet for a week?

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