What qualities do you respect most in people?

There are certain qualities we value in people, so much so that they inspire us to be more like these individuals. Here are the attributes that I most revere in people I truly respect and admire:

  • Intelligence: People who can not only debate me on a substantive topic, but teach me something new along the way. They're intellectually curious, articulate, and well-read. 
  • Hard work: I respect someone who's willing to give it their all in order to achieve a goal.
  • Perseverance: They get knocked down, but they get up again. They don't allow challenges or problems, however big or small, to derail their dreams.
  • Passion: They eat, drink, and sleep music, writing, business, cooking, or whatever it is they love. They're constantly trying to learn more, whether by reading books, watching YouTube videos, or asking others. 
  • Unyielding: No matter how many times their friends or relatives might advise them to invest their energies in something that will bear fruit a lot quicker, these people won't budge. They have their eyes on the prize, and they'll succumb to no one's wishes but their own. They don't compromise their principles for anything or anyone. 
  • Unselfish: They don't only think about themselves. Rather, they're always trying to find ways to help people. They donate to charities, give co-workers rides home when their car breaks down, and are there to dispense advice whenever it's needed.
  • Honesty: This one goes without saying. People who prove themselves to be truthworthy are keepers for life. It seems a rarity nowadays. 
I'm sure all of us would love to say we possess each of these in ample measure, but there's probably one or more we can work on. And that's okay -- no one's perfect. There's always room for improvement, as even the best of us can sometimes fall prey to bouts of dishonesty, selfishness, or laziness. 

Would you also have these on your list of qualities you admire most in people?  Would you add any more?

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Priscilla King said...

I once defined "honor" in terms of honesty, courage, chastity, and loyalty.

I also admire cheerfulness in people. (My kind of cheerfulness...the kind that allows people to wail and vent, share information that may or may not lead to improvements, and laugh *about* the things we want to change along the way, without being "depressed.") I feel sorry for depressive people, but try to avoid their company. I'm easily tempted to needle Positive Thinkers.