The quality you want to be known for is...

In recent weeks, I've written several posts encouraging readers to take pride in their true selves and not change their personality, quirks, values, or beliefs simply to appease others.

And with that I segue into this important question: If you had to choose one quality you'd like to be known for, what would it be?

Here are a few examples:

  • Being kind
  • Being sweet
  • Being smart
  • Being hard-working
  • Being genuine
  • Being humble
  • Being sociable
  • Being honest
  • Being loyal
While I wouldn't mind being recognized for my hard-working nature or humility, I think intelligence takes the cake.

I am far from the most gregarious person at work -- I won't win any awards for my people skills anytime soon -- but people regard me as intelligent, and to me, it's the ultimate compliment.

I was always a fantastic student -- getting everything from history trophies and reading certificates to writing medals. I graduated from college summa cum laude. Though I'm not in college right now, getting a master's is the next item to check off my bucket list. In the interim, I indulge my scholarly tendencies by reading and writing indefatigably. I like being seen as bookish because it's essentially a key part of who I am.

To me, there's nothing more gratifying -- and empowering -- than being known as very bright. Frankly, I think I intimidate certain people at work with my sharp eye for detail and knowledge of history, politics, psychology, and language. 

But I know many of you probably beg to differ. Perhaps you want to be known as caring, adventurous, or sincere -- all admirable traits in their own right. 

No matter what it is, we all have qualities we like to showcase to the world, just as we do less-endearing traits we'd rather keep on the down low. 

Which single quality do you want people to associate you with? Do you think you're doing an effective job at demonstrating it?


Anonymous said...

Intelligence, empathy, loving.

Priscilla King said...

I think "integrity," "honor," the street slang of my day was actually "straight"--includes honesty, loyalty, generosity, even chastity.