How men and women differ in the morning

I've noticed over the years that men and women tend to be completely different creatures in the morning.

While men tend to be a bit quieter and slower to get in the swing of things, women are already chatting it up as soon as they get to the office.

When I arrive, I usually stop by the restroom on my way to my cubicle. It's rare for me to hear the voice of a man in the lobby or hallways prior to 10 a.m. Rather, the chatter of women -- sometimes groups of three or more -- fills the air.

I know you can't put all men and women in these two separate buckets. It's just a general observation I've made at the offices I've worked in, not to mention at home: My wife is always more disposed to conversing in the morning than I am. Not until I eat breakfast and have some time to stretch my limbs do I feel ready to face the day.

For some reason, women seem to be perkier and more energetic in the morning than their male counterparts. You'll find my boss and another lady in my department, for example, rambling about everything from food to shoes before they've had a chance to turn on their computers.

Does this mean that more women than men are "morning people"?

While I can't conclude that much without further research, I can say that most of the women I know -- including family members -- tend to go to bed a lot earlier than my male friends and relatives, the latter of whom are self-admitted night owls.

Have you noticed this at your job?  Or have you found the opposite to be true -- that men are the chattier ones in the morning?

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