Avoid getting hurt by NOT doing this...

One of the surest ways to get hurt by other people is by getting emotional over every little thing they say and do. But you should never do this!

I realize that human beings have feelings and emotions that they can't simply trap in a bottle.

However, you can prevent getting hurt by approaching things in a more rational manner. When you feel deeply affected by someone's words or actions, stop and ask yourself the following:

  • Why has what this individual said or done affected me so much?
  • Is it really worth letting this individual change my mood?
  • In what ways can I prevent myself from investing my emotions in this person?
Far too often, we let other people have their way with our emotions. Luckily, there's a way to prevent such a scenario, and that's by taking a more rational stance as I've suggested above. 

Wearing your heart on your sleeve is a recipe for heartbreak. If you must express your emotions, try to do in private if at all possible. The reality is that once people see you crying or in a visibly bad mood, they know they've gotten the best of you -- and that's the last thing you want them to think.

Showing strength and character amid conflict with others is something we should all strive for. When someone attempts to put you down, show him or her that you're an impregnable through which their words can never pierce. Show him or her that you're wholly capable of taking joke, or any kind of criticism, without getting offended by it. (Being disrespected is a different matter altogether that calls for a different approach, but we'll leave that for a different post.)

The second they see that you don't get fired up or sad, they'll respect you all the more. Keep your head up and those emotions in check!  Don't ever let anyone assume control of your feelings.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a natural empath. I have always worn my heart on my sleeves, not even with the intention to do so. Literally I could be around someone in a toxic mood for 2 minutes, and that person may not even say anything to criticize me, but just their negative energy alone would absorb into me, almost instantly, and I would be exhausted and want to do nothing but sleep. Following Christianity closely has been my only saving grace. Now I can be around large crowds of hostility and depression, and while I still feel those emotions of others try to absorb into my own, I realize they are not my own, pray, and reject them. It has taken me from being a total complete loner for most of my life to still preferably a loner, but also sometimes social butterfly. Understanding emotions through faith and believing and living by the bible has been escape from a totally exhausting, mentally, emotionally draining life.