A new day to be thankful for

After being off from work three days last week -- including Thursday and Friday -- I felt the urge to complain about having to go back to the office today.

I stopped myself just in time, though, and I'm glad I did.

I reminded myself that there are many people out there -- whether sick, disabled, or unemployed -- who would do anything to be in my shoes. And how about all the people who've passed away and wish they could be working if it meant they could be alive and breathing?

It's so easy to take life for granted and complain about the smallest things. I thank God for all my blessings, from my ability to see and hear to my family to having full use of both legs.

I know many people out there are in worse shape, and I only pray that things get better for them sooner than later. I try to do whatever I can to help out, whether that's holding a door or donating money to charity.

Life isn't perfect, but it could be a lot worse.

The next time you feel the impulse to think or speak negatively about your life, just remember that many far more disadvantaged people would give anything to have your problems rather than theirs.

Let us strive to be thankful rather than unsatisfied, positive rather than negative, helpful rather than uncooperative. One of the best feelings in life is helping someone in need -- helping add a little touch of sunshine wherever possible.

I realize we all go through tough moments that shake us to our core and prompt us to question why we have to suffer.

In the end, though, we all have something or someone to be thankful for. We all have something or someone worth living for.

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