Do glasses make people look smarter? Find out...

I wear contact lenses roughly 90% of the time. I only wear glasses when I'm watching TV at home, right before going to sleep, or when I'm experiencing an issue with one or both eyes that precludes putting on the lenses, such as an allergic reaction or infection.

I've always wondered whether people regard those who wear glasses as smarter. These days, it seems glasses are becoming a fashion statement more than anything else. I've seen countless athletes and celebrities sporting black-framed glasses in recent years.

Research suggests people instinctively associate higher intelligence with glasses. In fact, studies show throwing a pair on can actually help you succeed in job interviews.

The fact of the matter is that glasses make a person appear bookish. For many people, they might signal that one is nearsighted because they read a lot.

A study presented at the 2012 American Academy of Ophthalmology Annual Meeting suggested that myopia (i.e., nearsightedness) was linked with higher levels of education. And the stereotype persists that nearsighted people likely take part in fewer outside activities because they're holed up in their room or office reading feverishly.

So there you have it. Wearing glasses seems to be doubly beneficial these days: It makes you look smart and chic.

How long this trend will last remains to be seen. It's possible glasses may go back to being deemed tacky in a few years. I, for one, think being perceived as smarter just because I'm wearing them is a good thing, so I'll continue to sport my frames gladly!

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