You won't believe how CHEAP this company is...

A Pennsylvania company that publishes business newsletters will pay about $1.75 million to thousands of employees who were told to clock out while taking short breaks, including for the restroom.

A federal judge has given the U.S. Department of Labor and the Malvern-based company, American Future Systems Inc., until Thursday to submit proposals on managing payment.

The company contended that it wasn't required to pay employees for short breaks.

The bill includes damages and back pay to 6,000 employees at offices in New Jersey, Ohio, and Pennsylvania between 2009 and 2013.

The Department of Labor filed a lawsuit in 2012 stating the company violated the federal Fair Labor Standards Act because employees weren't earning minimum wage when the company required them to clock out for breaks.

I feel sorry for all the employees who had to pay the price for the company's blatant flouting of the law. With the economy still recovering from the recession, people throughout the country are barely making ends meet as it is. For a company to cut corners this way in order to save money is reprehensible.

I'd be surprised if the company's top brass weren't prosecuted. If I were working for the company, I'd probably start looking for a new job right away. Truthfully, I would never again be able to trust the swindlers who perpetrated all this.

How would you feel if your worked for this company and were subject to such deplorable (and illegal) behavior? Would you have quit a long time ago?

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