Many people spend THIS many hours at the mall

A recent study reveals that many people spend an average of six hours at the mall with each visit.

We've all been there: We intend to make a quick purchase at the mall, whether it be a t-shirt or pair of shoes, only to wind up spending several hours there. Not surprisingly, the higher the number of people accompanying us, the more challenging it becomes to keep the visit under an hour.

But six hours seems like a boatload of time. Can you imagine how many hours of exercise or reading you could put in if you stayed home instead?

I would assume that many mall-goers purposely while the day away at the mall (especially if there's inclement weather or there are children in tow), while others simply lose track of the time while browsing countless stores. The problem with the latter is that it often translates into people buying far more things and spending far more money than they should.

The solution? Consumers should aim to leave the mall as soon as they've snagged what they went there for. They can give themselves the leeway to buy, say, one impulse item, but without setting parameters for themselves, they'll end up burning through more time and money than they anticipated.

How many hours do you spend all the mall?  What do you feel is a reasonable number of hours to spend at the mall on a given day?

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