Kim Kardashian or Caitlyn Jenner: Person of the Year?

Really? Is this what the world's come to?

Sources say that TIME Magazine is asking readers whether Kim Kardashian or Caitlyn Jenner should be chosen as the publication's person of the year. Among the other names being floated around are Republican presidential candidates Ben Carson and Donald Trump, technology gurus Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg, and actresses Jennifer Lawrence and Viola Davis.

That a respected magazine like TIME would even consider Kardashian and Jenner for the coveted issue is beyond comprehension. What have these people done to be deemed worthy of the honor? All Kim is known for is stirring up family drama and getting naked. In Jenner's case, the former Olympic champion revealed to the world her sex change, which garnered extensive media coverage earlier in the year.

Why doesn't TIME feature those who are truly deserving, like one of our brave men or women in uniform, someone who devotes his life to helping charities, and so on? Instead, we're forced to choose between egomaniacs like Donald Trump and drama queens like Kim Kardashian.

This is precisely why society as a whole is descending deeper and deeper into a cesspool of superficiality. So long as the media continues to promulgate the idea that watching the Kardashians makes people cool, the masses will continue to buy it.

Do you find it ridiculous that Kardashian and Jenner are in the running?  Who would you rather see on the cover of TIME?

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