Why do many moms post only baby stuff online?

Over the past few years, I've noticed how moms have been using sites like Facebook as their own personal baby albums.

Granted, it's their page, and they have every right to post whatever content strikes their fancy.

The issue is that some women take to these platforms to post pictures and/or videos of their children on a daily basis. As a result, I find my Facebook Wall inundated with baby-related content, sometimes for days on end.

I suppose that many of these women are stay-at -home moms whose lives revolve around their kids and thus they use social media as convenient outlets through they can connect with other moms.

I don't mind the occasional baby picture or video, but these moms go a little overboard. I can only see so many photos of something or someone before I get bored.

If I had a child and my wife were doing the same thing, I would advise her to tone it down a bit.

Let's be honest: With exception to children of family members, most people don't find others' kids to be all that interesting.

Many moms get a lot of flak for becoming so entwined in their kids' lives that they lose their own identity, and nowhere is this more evident than on Facebook.

I've noticed how women who used to post everything from cooking recipes to news articles now limit themselves to posting memes and other content related solely to children.

It's easy to forget that many people either don't have kids or no longer live with them. New moms can certainly identify with other new moms. But by restricting content to baby stuff, you risk alienating people who are in a different stage of life.

Again, there's nothing wrong with posting pictures of your kids here and there, but showcasing everything they do on a daily basis is excessive in my view.

What are your thoughts?

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