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Studies have repeatedly shown that it's experiences -- not material goods -- that enrich our lives the most.

So far, I've traveled very little in my life, which is something I'm aiming to change in the next couple of years. My wife and I are contemplating taking a trip to Walt Disney World in the winter and to Boston next spring.

It's no surprise that experiences have been found to bring us the most happiness. After all, only they create lifelong memories. We can always relive a trip to Hawaii or a cruise to the Bahamas via pictures, videos, and keepsakes we bring home with us.

But what is there to treasure about material possessions? Unless it's, say, a family heirloom you inherited from your grandfather, material possessions just wear and are eventually replaced.

I would much rather spend my money on an experience I've never had before -- dinner at a popular restaurant on the other side of town or a trip to a breathtaking destination on the other side of the country -- than on stuff that will do little more than collect dust in my condo.

I am by no means a travel maven. Sometimes I would much rather remain in the confines of my cozy unit. But I've realized that life is about creating new experiences that help you grow as an individual.

Reminiscing about old times is good. But continually broadening your horizons is even better.

Do you agree?

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