The perils of using cell phones while driving

Be honest: How often do you use your cell phone -- whether it's to talk, text, or surf the web -- while driving?

This morning, as I was driving to work, I couldn't help but notice that the drivers to my left and right, as well as the one behind me, were at one point all using their cell phones -- while their feet were on the gas pedals.

I won't lie: I use the phone myself, but only when I'm at a red light or stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

But fiddling with one's phone while one is driving is extremely dangerous. It prevents you from fully focusing on what you're doing behind the wheel. People can become so distracted that they fail to look up in time to avoid accidents ranging from rear ending the car in front to hitting a pedestrian attempting to cross the street.

Compounding the problem even further is when the driver is either sleepy or under the influence.

Unless an emergency prompts us to talk, text, or browse while driving, we should all aim to kick the habit. Checking out your Facebook Wall or texting your friend about your cute neighbor aren't good enough reasons to put your life, nor anyone else's, in danger. It can wait.

Do you find yourself using your cell phone while driving? Do you plan to rid yourself of this habit?

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