Women use perfume to do THIS to men...

Two of my female friends have confided to me a key reason why they wear perfume: to attract men.

It's something I suspected all along, but women I have spoken to in the past have denied using perfume to reel in men. I suppose it's one of those "some do, some don't," scenarios, but my guess is that women who are intent on making a lasting impression on a man -- particularly one they're very attracted to -- will have perfume as a tool in her arsenal.

Men do this all the time. When I was single, I would nearly bathe myself in cologne and received no shortage of compliments.

Still, cologne alone doesn't make someone attractive to the opposite sex; factors like being clean and well-dressed also factor into the equation.

However, when one is drawn to a pleasant scent, he or she will immediately try to locate the source. If that source happens to be you, you just might go up a few notches in that person's attractiveness scale.

Picture this scenario: Two guys are fighting for the same woman. She can't make up her mind as to who she wants because the guys are virtually identical in every respect. However, one of them emits a scent that she finds nearly irresistible. That alone could tip the scale in his favor.

I would advise any woman to try out different perfumes before settling on one. Have your female friends and relatives weigh in as well. The last thing you want to do is spray your skin with something men find loathsome rather than alluring.

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