SHOCKER: Women like flirting with...married men?!

You would think that women would naturally gravitate toward single men when looking for someone to flirt with. If the man is wearing a ring, that automatically deter coquettes from approaching them, right?

Not necessarily!

Based on what I've read and seen in the workplace, some women actually prefer flirting with married men. In fact, one of my co-workers tried to pull this stunt on me last year.

You may be sitting there thinking "This guy is off his rocker," but when you stop and think about it, the reasons why some women would do this are fairly obvious.

For one, if she isn't looking for anything serious, a married man offers a convenient means through which she can get some attention without things getting too sticky. After all, she knows he'll be going home to his wife, so no harm, no foul.

Next, the mere fact that a woman cared enough about the guy to say "I do" draws flirtatious women to him. In their eyes, there must be something rather remarkable about the man, and women love probing into it. Among the various questions that may pop to mind is, "Could his wife think he's good in bed?"

Last but not least, since a married man is off the market, that makes him unobtainable. Human beings want what they can't have. Most women don't want to play the role of homewrecker, so the most socially acceptable thing to do is, well, a little light flirting.

Women who flirt with married men should never cross a line, though. Once there's too much touching going on, or the two find themselves coordinating meetings behind the scenes, the man could be on the slippery slope to an affair, and, in turn, a divorce.

Flirting should remain light and non-sexual. Once the man senses that things are getting too hot and heavy, he should pull out to avert disaster.

Ladies, have you ever flirted with a married man?  Do you think it's wrong for a woman to engage in light flirting if he's already married?

I look forward to your responses. And please check out my prior entries: How to Understand People

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