Imagine your life without THIS

Could you imagine living without a cell phone?

I'm sure most of us couldn't, and it would take us a long time to grow accustomed to not carrying one around.

Many people use their cell phones even in the bathroom and while at the dinner table. It's becoming an obsession unlike any other I've witnessed.

Some of us would even admit to using it while driving, which is an awfully dangerous habit we ought to curb.

From texting, emails and social media to watching YouTube videos, taking pictures, listening to music on Pandora, and using GPS, a smartphone is basically a mini-computer in the palm of our hands.

One could easily make the case that it's the ultimate boredom buster, whether they're at work, stuck in jury duty, or listening to a dull lecture at school. Some kids are getting cell phones even before they hit their teens!

Beyond that, there's no question they've redefined convenience.

Buying something on Amazon or eBay at the push of a button? Check. Perusing your bank account on the go? Done. There are apps these days for virtually anything you can think of.

Detractors contend that cell phones are to blame in part for dehumanizing people. For example, a friend of mine says he loathes them for making users gravitate toward digital communication, causing his loved ones to shun good ol' in-person chats.

He isn't the most tech savvy guy and only wishes he and his friends could enjoy a nice outing without someone having their nose buried in the phone.

I think we need to strike a healthy balance between using the phone for personal needs (e.g., searching for addresses and making dinner reservations) and for leisure purposes (e.g., playing games). If someone tells you he feels your excessive phone use is disrupting the relationship, that's a sign you need to start cutting back.

Needless to say, it's great to live in this golden age of technology. One can only imagine what other attention-sucking gadgets and gizmos lie on the horizon!

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