Taylor Swift-- ANOTHER boyfriend?

I've lost count of the number of boyfriends this woman has had. Over the years, she's been romantically linked to everyone from John Mayer to Joe Jonas.

No sooner did she break up with Calvin Harris, who she'd been dating since March 2015, than she was spotted canoodling with actor Tom Hiddleston of Thor fame.

Taylor Swift is filthy rich and has every right to date whomever she pleases. The only issue is that she's beginning to build a reputation as a commitmentphobe.

What could all these guys be thinking?

Men who want a serious relationship naturally evade women who flit from one relationship to another. Swift reminds me of a girl I fell for in high school; one day she was obsessed with me, the next she was serving up excuses for why we shouldn't be together.

I know the rules are a little different when you're a Hollywood megastar, but surely she must be wondering whether she's a magnet for short, ill-fated relationships. Maybe she'said unwittingly attracting men she's incompatible with. Or, perhaps she figures she's young and that if ever there was a time to be foolish and unshackled, it's now.

What do you think of Taylor Swift's track record when it comes to relationships?

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