2 healthful things people are too lazy to do

I've observed that many people are too lazy to do two things that are greatly beneficial to our health: read and exercise.

Their usual excuse tends to be that they're too tired to read or exercise when they get home from work.

But the myriad benefits of these activities can't be overstated.

Exercise helps you lose or maintain your weight, provided you also watch what you eat. It not only reduces the risk of heart disease, but it helps lower your cholesterol and blood pressure. Most people (including me) report feeling so much better when they exercise regularly. That's because exercise had been proven to reduce stress and anxiety and put people in a better mood.

Then there's reading. It's obvious how beneficial reading can be for one's mental health. It keeps the mind busy. You learn new facts, new concepts, new vocabulary words.

If you're reading non-fiction, the author's perspective can lead you to reassess your personal beliefs or opinions on certain topics. If you're immersed in fiction, just being able to mentally put yourself in the world presented in the novel -- or even in the shoes of the characters -- keeps you engaged and wanting more. Reading keeps the mind sharp, thus reducing the likelihood of developing Alzheimer's and dementia.

Next time you feel tempted to pass on reading or exercise, think about the many health benefits offered by these activities. No one says you have to exercise seven days a week or read 100 pages daily. Maybe you can start by reading five pages each day and exercising once a week, and slowly increase your output with each passing week/month.

How often do you read and exercise? After reading this post, do you feel more inclined to read or exercise more?

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