You'll NEVER be bored doing this

I hear so many people complain of boredom on a daily basis. This leaves me quite flummoxed considering the wealth of things to do nowadays.

I find nothing to be as big a boredom buster as learning.

There's a widely-held if erroneous view that learning stops the moment you receive your college diploma. This couldn't be further from the truth.

Even though I'm no longer in college, I continue to indulge my passions for history and psychology by reading on my own. I get such bad traffic on the way to work and back that I'm usually able to get a great deal of reading done on my commute. (I only read while at a red light or in bumper-to-bumper traffic, of course.) I also read during my lunch break and before going to bed.

To me, learning is not only intellectually enriching, but it gives me something to look forward to and build upon each day. I love coming across a word I didn't know the meaning of and looking up the definition. I have fun learning new historical facts and digging deeply into various psychological studies. The best part? Drawing my own conclusions, as I never merely take things at face value.

But no one says learning has to be of a bookish, intellectual nature. Maybe you just want to learn a new language, how to play a musical instrument, or the ins and outs of creating your own website.

As long as we challenge ourselves in this way, we'll be too immersed in what we're learning to be bored, provided we truly enjoy what we're doing. But stepping out of our comfort zone isn't always easy, and sometimes merely breaking out of our lethargy/inertia can feel like a tough slog.

In this day and age, we have so many tools at our disposal -- from Wikipedia and social media to YouTube videos -- that it's startling people aren't knowledgeable across a wider range of areas.

In the end, it's well worth it. Learning new things enables us better ourselves, and spreading our knowledge to others make it all the more gratifying.

What is something you're interested in learning how to do?

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