What would the older you tell the younger you?

If you were to write a note or letter to a much younger version of yourself -- say, your teenage self -- what would it say? Which life lessons or tips would you be sure to incorporate?

Here are a couple that I would include:

  • Enjoy your college years to the fullest. Once you graduate, you'll be entering the not-so-fun world of bills and responsibilities.
  • Don't rush to find love. It's better to take it nice and slow. You don't want to feel like you trudged through a significant chunk of your life with someone who turned out a poor fit.
  • As you get older, you'll encounter people at work and elsewhere who will try to get you to change. If you don't drink, you'll run into people who will pressure you to do so. They'll also question things like why you aren't married, why you don't have kids, why you're so reserved, why you didn't become a doctor or lawyer, and so on. What should you do? Never give in, of course. If people can't value you for who you are, they shouldn't be butting in -- and most definitely, they shouldn't call themselves your friends. 
  • Keep it simple. Don't buy material possessions that you know you'll hardly ever use. Don't purchase more car or house than you need. Stick to the basics. Live within or below your means. 
  • Always stay on top of your health. Never take your health for granted, no matter how healthy you presume yourself to be. Exercise regularly and eat healthy foods.
I would definitely tell my younger self that many of the things I was doing -- or not doing -- throughout childhood would eventually put me on the path to a stable, secure life. As a youth, I abstained from drugs, drinking, and smoking; started building up a savings account; stuck with the right crowd; and prioritized getting good grades above all else. All these things have culminated in an adult life I can certainly be proud of.

What are some things the older you would tell the younger you? Would you tell the younger you to continue or stop doing anything in particular?


sparky jen said...

I would thank (in advance), my younger self for listening to the sage advice of both my foster parents, Helen and James. They used a lot of quotes and anecdotes, but they so continue to make life worth living, loving, and sharing its blessings with others.


"There's more than one way to skin a catfish."
"Don't all your eggs in one basket.'
"Always ask for what you want in life, but be prepared for either yes, or no. And remember this too, if you don't ask...the answer is always No!"
"It takes more muscles to frown, then it does to smile."

Highest and Best.

How to Understand People said...


Thank you so much for your reply, and welcome to the blog! Great examples!