Here's another reason to love Starbucks

Although everyone knows Starbucks for its delicious coffee and expresso drinks, it's the company's charitable efforts that are getting more attention of late.

Starbucks announced that it aims to contribute 100% of unsold food in the U.S. to Feeding America, a hunger relief organization.

The idea didn't come from the top brass at the company, but from batistas behind the counter who felt the leftover food should go to the hungry.

Companies like Cheesecake Factory, KFC, Taco Bell, and Chipotle already donate surplus food. Still, the U.S. Department of Agriculture estimates that 30% to 40% of America's food supply is wasted.

Starbucks plans to have distributed 5 million meals -- including everything from paninis to salads -- by year's end.

I applaud CEO Howard Schultz for this initiative and sincerely hope that many other restaurants including McDonald's and Burger King will soon follow suit.

Poverty is a serious problem in America and around the world. I've donated money to Feeding America in the past and will continue to do so going forward. Lending a hand -- by donating money or a few non-perishable goods -- can go a long way toward getting meals to impoverished individuals and families across the country.

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