Why you should aim for a cheap wedding

A study finds that couples who spend big bucks on their wedding often end up having shorter-lived marriages than those who have cheaper weddings.

For the study, two economics professors surveyed over 3,000 people and found that the more expensive the wedding is, the sooner the couple is likely to divorce. On the other hand, couples who spend less than $1,000 tend to have longer-lasting marriages.

An expensive wedding can cause financial strain early in the marriage, leading to tension in the relationship. Not surprisingly, the top predictor of divorce is having arguments over money.

Many people (especially women) dream of having a lavish, fairytale-like wedding, but this study shows that doing so could negatively impact the marriage.

Though the study doesn't discuss buying expensive rings and paying for an expensive honeymoon, I'm sure those kinds of purchases also have the potential to get the marriage off to a rocky start.

I'm happy to say that my wife and I played it conservative when we got married, which benefited us tremendously. We kept the price tag for the wedding under $1,000 and took a modest honeymoon to Washington D.C.

So there you have it, folks. If you plan or want to get married in the near future, there's no sense in breaking the bank to have a ritzy wedding. It'll likely create more problems in your marriage than its worth.

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Priscilla King said...

I want the link or real-world reference to this study.