Trump and Clinton hold sizable leads in South Carolina

If you plan to vote for either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton in the general election -- assuming each nabs their respective party's nomination -- you'll be glad to know that a new CNN/ORC poll shows they have comfortable leads among those likely to vote in the Palmetto State's primaries.

In the Republican race, Trump has a commanding lead at 38%, followed by Ted Cruz with 22%, Marco Rubio with 14%, Jeb Bush at 10%, and Ben Carson and John Kasich trailing in the single digits. In the Democratic contest, Hillary Clinton has 56% while Bernie Sanders garners 38%, a considerable difference of 18 points.

Trump's lead is fueled by widespread perceptions of him as the candidate best equipped to manage the still-feeble economy, foreign policy, and ISIS. They also feel he has the best chance to win in November and would be most likely to effect the changes in Washington so many voters are clamoring for.

Clinton's lead comes largely on the strength of support she's garnering from women and black voters.
Among black voters, she leads 65% to 28%, and among women, she's ahead 60% to 33%. She is viewed as the candidate better able to handle the economy, healthcare, foreign affairs, and race issues by margins of 20 points or more.

South Carolina's Republican primary will be held this Saturday, while the state's Democratic primary will take place a week later.

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