DON'T do this or you'll be tired all week

It's Tuesday morning and I feel tired. Tired and lazy, to be more precise.

But why is it that I feel this way if it's only Tuesday? I should feel more energetic given that the week has only just begun.

Oh, now I remember...

This past weekend, I did so many things that I couldn't possibly remember all of them -- from visiting my mom to going shopping to hanging out with friends to attending my sister's birthday dinner. (I know I missed a couple...)

We have a tendency to cram so many things into our weekend itineraries -- after all, it's usually the only time people who work full-time have to run their errands -- that we fail to leave some time for much-needed rest and relaxation.

That leaves us feeling awfully tired as we enter the new work week. When I'm tired, I get lethargic, and that translates into an unproductive worker. Usually, I make it a priority of mine to spend at least a few hours on Saturday and Sunday taking a breather.

And you should too. If you find yourself in a similar situation every weekend, try to carve some R&R into your schedule by cutting back on time doing other things. For example, maybe you can put off going to the mall every weekend, or at the very least trim the time spent there to no more than an hour. Maybe you can leave the kids with a relative or friend for a few years. And so on...

There's no question that we need ample rest in order to be able to function properly. If you're doing so many things on the weekends that a little down time seems hard to come by, you'll need to readjust your priorities. Otherwise, you might burn out!

Remember, the weekend allows us to recharge after a busy work week, but it also sets the tone for the week that follows.

Have you ever been in this situation? How did you deal with it?

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