This celebrity exposed A LOT of cleavage at a show last night...

Actress Susan Sarandon's clothing -- or lake thereof -- caused quite a stir at Saturday's SAG Awards.

She wore nothing but a cleavage-baring bra under a white jacket, a look some deemed inappropriate given that she presented the in memoriam segment of the show. Needless to say, Sarandon is making the rounds on social media today. While some are saying she pulled it off nicely, others feel she dressed in poor taste.

While we can expect the debate over whether her getup was too unseemly for an in memoriam tribute to rage on for days, there's another question that's worthy of discussion: Should the 69-year-old Sarandon be dressing this way in the first place?

Jennifer Lopez, who's 46 but sports the body of someone half her age, similarly gets flak for dressing very provocatively. Some people feel she's setting a bad example for other young women out there, especially considering she's a mother of two.

I feel women like Sarandon and Lopez are entitled to dress as they wish; after all, they probably spend boatloads of time, money, and energy to stay in good shape, so why not showcase that bod to the world?

However, I do feel Sarandon should have covered up a bit, at least while on stage presenting the in memoriam segment. The focus of that segment should be on the men and women in film who have passed away over the past year. However, when you have someone like Sarandon flaunting her breasts before a crowd of hundreds -- not to mention there are millions of people tuning in from around the world -- it can be rather distracting.

When it's all said and done, Susan Sarandon will have done herself a big favor. We all know the quickest way to become more famous is by doing something naughty that gets people talking in the media and on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Without a doubt, she has done just that.

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