Here's a DISTURBING trend in society about money

This week, two women at my company rejoiced in the fact that Friday was pay day. The jubilation was short lived, however, because they then realized and related that every cent would have to be used toward their mounting heap of bills.

I find it utterly disturbing that people are so deep in the hole as to be unable to put any money into savings.

People who find themselves in such dire financial straits tend to be undisciplined when it comes to saving money.

To be fair, certain unfavorable life circumstances some people face at a young age -- from parents getting divorced to an unexpected pregnancy to drug abuse -- don't exactly plant the seeds for financial prosperity.

But I have no pity for those who are in such a pickle as a result of reckless spending habits. I've beaten this topic to death on my blog, but it's worth repeating:

One should always strive to live within -- or, even better, below -- his or her means.

If money is tight, stay in and cook rather than eat out. Drop the habit of buying video games for the kids and encourage them to read instead. Go for leisurely walks rather than to the movies. Clip coupons in your local newspaper and see which ones you can snag online.

By making these incremental changes, you'll notice the savings racking up in no time.

Just because you're getting a paycheck doesn't mean you have to use all of it!  Make it a goal to put at least 10% of every paycheck you receive in a savings account. Promise yourself you won't touch that money except in the case of an emergency.

We live in a world where everything is getting more and more expensive by the minute and wages can't keep pace. Don't become a slave to debt!  By heeding this advice, you'll be on the path to a more stable life financially.

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