The worst place to make a pass at someone is...

What's do you think is the worst place to hit on someone?

Below are just a few places where making a pass may be construed as crossing the line.

  • Funeral
  • Church
  • Hospital
  • Work
  • Library
  • Gym
  • Court
I think the first three are far and away the worst places for this. People at a funeral, church, or hospital unquestionably have more important things on their mind than getting laid. Still, I'm sure this doesn't deter some people from striking up conversations in hopes of going home with a phone number. These individuals will stop at nothing to reel in a date for Saturday night. If anything, approaching someone who may be grieving over the loss of a family member, praying for better days, or visiting a sick relative may immediately blacklist you, so don't try it. 

Though it wouldn't seem nearly as inappropriate to approach someone at work, the gym, or the library, these are still places many people like to go to just to "get away" from the monotony of their daily lives. Thus, they surely wouldn't want to be perturbed here either.

What do you think is the worst place to hit on someone? Have you ever done it at any of the places listed above?

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