ANOTHER celebrity arrested for child porn?!

"Glee" star Mark Salling was arrested Tuesday on child pornography charges.

Salling, 33, who starred in the hit Fox musical as a regular for four seasons and continued to appear through the series finale this spring, was arrested after the LAPD’s Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force procured a search warrant for his home in Sunland, Calif.

Apparently, police officers found hundreds of images on Salling’s computer.

This isn't Salling's first brush with the law. In 2013, he was sued by an ex-girlfriend, Roxanne Gorzela, for sexual battery. He denied the allegations and subsequently filed a cross-complaint, but earlier this year he settled the suit and was ordered by a judge to pay Gorzela $2.7 million.

Salling’s bail is set at $20,000.

First Jared Fogle, now this guy? What is going on with these Hollywood celebrities?

They have the money and fame to be with whichever woman (or women) they desire, but choose to get off on child porn instead?

This illustrates one sobering thing: Hollywood might be chock full of men like these, only their disgusting perversions haven't yet come to light. Even more frightening is the fact that closeted pedophiles may be lurking among us.

Do stories like this make you irate as well?

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